Protect your family’s future by signing a will at any one of our ELEVEN Toronto Area Law Offices.


Our Wills focus strictly on methods of distribution of whatever assets you own at the time of death.


Each Will Package includes a Power of Attorney document for Property and Personal Care.


Our Wills Package includes an Affidavit of Signature, which helps to simplify the probate process if your witness of signature is unavailable.

Estate Administration (Processing an Estate After Death)

There are two different processes for administering an estate after death, depending on whether the deceased had a valid Will.

Wills vs Estate Planning

When wills are being done in our law offices, we focus strictly on methods of distribution of whatever assets you own at the time of death (rather than using estate planning methods for tax reduction, for which you should consult an estate planning specialist).  No one can predict the future regarding whether one might end up, (at the time of death), with $5 million or $5 in net assets.

An example of a typical formula for distribution of assets by a husband and wife (married for the first time) with two children would be that each spouse leaves everything to the other spouse.  However, if both die (for example, in a common accident), all assets would be left to the children in equal shares, to be held in trust for such children until each reaches an age specified by you (we normally recommend age 21).  Until such age, the trustee(s) (named by you) can use the funds for the education, health and welfare of your children.


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